Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quick Turnarounds

Two of my most recent submissions have already been judged on the scales, weighed against a feather:

"Linguistic Prescription" was rejected by Dark Jesters . Although it was "pretty funny", the poor editors are suffering from a common ailment - too many zombie stories floating around. I grieve for this piece, mainly because every rejection has said the same thing...good, interesting, funny, but there are too many zombie stories in the slush piles to make it stand out on its own. I may end up just making a collection of this story's rejection letters.

"Rock A Bye Baby" has been put on the "maybe" pile over at The World Is Dead a scant four days after it was sent. Not a shortlist, but it means the piece is getting some consideration. I'm happy.

Now, to wait for the rest of my long list.

J.C. Tabler


Jeremy said...

hey, like the blog and subbed to The World is Dead last week (haven't heard back though - is that a good thing or a bad thing?)

I'm over at:

J.C. Tabler said...

Jeremy - I've always heard of the rule "no news is good news". For all I know, the response saying I went on the "maybe" pile is a polite way of saying "We'll reject you later!" Either way, if you haven't heard anything you're always still in the running!

Checked out your blog as well. I like it, sir. Nothing like knowing there are other Tom Waits fans out there. That man is the reason I lock myself in my basement with the laptop and booze on certain nights.

Natalie L. Sin said...

It's like we're twins! ; )

J.C. Tabler said...

Oh oh, do I detect another "maybe" here?

No fair on the "twins" joke by the way...I'm jumping up everytime my wife burps now thinking she's going into labor...

Natalie L. Sin said...

Yup, I'm in the pile with you!

Oh...that sounded bad.

Felicity Dowker said...

"Maybe" pile?! There's a "maybe" pile?! I'm not in it (as far as I know)! Waaaaahhhhh...I really want to make it into TWID. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. *clings to the "no news is good news" safety net*

Aside from my own angst - congratu-maybe-lations!!! Keep us posted, y'hear?

Barry Napier said...

Sorry about the quick rejection from Dead Jesters. And congrats on the indigestion that I'm sure comes with knowing that you are in a MAYBE pile. (see how I left that wide open for Natalie?)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ooh, thanks for the hint. Don't write about zombies for Dead Jesters. I haven't had time to write anything yet.

Congrats on hitting the 'maybe' pile - that is huge. I haven't heard anything yet.