Saturday, August 2, 2008

Four-Legged Editor

I have a little friend now when I write. A few weeks back we were given a stray kitten, and my daughter fell in love with it. Now we have two cats, our Maine Coon, Ambrose, and a little orange tabby kitten named "Capote" for his funny walk and high meow.

Capote, true to his name, has taken to sitting on my lap while I'm writing. He the screen. Then, when revising, he does what every writer wants o do. He falls asleep.

Right now he's doign it again. I don't know how to handle this...

Alright, update

"Poppa Bear" got its rejection from Cause and Effect , and "The Simple Account of Sergeant got a rejection from Allegory .

Other than that, the end of the month wrap up goes like this:

New Stories

There were only two this month, really:

"Rock A Bye Baby" subbed to The World is Dead
"No Deductible" subbed to Malpractice

An extension of "Linguistic Prescription" was done for Dead Jesters

Stories Still Out :

"Dead Air" at Aberrant Dreams
"Colburn Men" at McSweeney's Quarterly
"The Tribe of Harry" at The New Yorker
"Poppa Bear" at Underground Voices
"Linguistic Prescription" at both Postcards from Hell (original flash version) and Dead Jesters (special director's cut)
"Sacrifice of Man and Cloth" at Saint Anne's
"Big Jim Can Wait" and "Winter Wonderland" at Northern Haunts
"No Tell Motel" at OG's Speculative Fiction
"Fragile Obsession" at Ghost in the Machine
"Demon Whiskey" at Harvest Hill
"The Simple Account of Sergeant Shea" at Theaker's
"No Deductible" at Malpractice
"Rock A Bye Baby" at The World Is Dead

Let's hope I get some good responses in the next week or so, eh?

J.C. Tabler


Catherine J Gardner said...

The New Yorker. WOW! I've said it before, but I'll say it again. WOW! Imagine if you get a YES, I'm sure I'll hear your whoops and hollers all the way over here in the UK.

Natalie L. Sin said...

That's adorable : )

J.C. Tabler said...

Cate - If I get an acceptance from them, please comfort my widow as I will be dead of a massive heart attack. Honestly, I'd be happy with a rejection that has some degree of personalization. That means they at least read some of it.

Natalie - He is adorable...except when he's climbing my vintage 1950's rocker/recliner.