Friday, August 29, 2008

Now introducing....

As of 5:58 and 5:59 (17:58 and 17:59 for you limey readers ;) ) On August 28, 2008, we can now introduce...

Margaret Beatrice Tabler - 19 inches, 5 lbs 9 ozs


Henry Billingsley Tabler - 20 inches, 6 lbs 1/2 oz

Now, to get some sleep and get back up to the hospital with the new big sister.

Daddy J.C.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a lemming

Because Natalie L. Sin and Catherine Gardner did it, here's my top 10 world-creating writer moments:

10. Dismembered a Prohibition Agent
9. Killed a zombie baby
8. Murdered a maniacal, meglomanical politician's son
7. Stalked a comedian with a dead, sex-crazed hooker
6. Dropped a nuclear bomb on Nashville, TN.
5. Had a radio DJ commit Suicide-By-Zombie
4. Crucified a feminine, gay antique dealer
3. Had a father display his love by cutting off his own arm
2. Depicted the Pope as being worse than Cthulhu

and my #1 moment....

1. Sold insurance policies that only cover horrible deaths.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Working 9 to 5...

Alright, not exactly, but a post is in order before I head to work. I found a song by Dave Matthews yesterday, then found a Willie Nelson cover of it on Youtube. The result after a couple listens was a decent piece of imagery that led to an all day writing session after mowing my lawn.

So now, adding to my works I have:

"Ain't Gonna Dig No More" - 3,535 words - Submitted to Potters Field.

Not scary, but I like it. I guess the best way to put it would be "Supernatural literature".

And below...find the video that got me writing on it in the first place.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Yourself a Sweet Madonna!

I hit the Hat Trick! As of today I have three stories in the Northern Haunts anthology, upcoming from Shroud Press.

"Many Comforting Words" was accepted back in June, and today I got a couple emails informing me both:

"Big Jim Can Wait" was accepted.


"Winter Wonderland" was accepted.

YES! A trifecta for this anthology. Three submissions, three acceptances.

I'm really loving August.

In other news, finally heard back from Aberrant Dreams concerning "Dead Air". The new Horror editor over there was apologetic for the long wait, understandable considering the backlog they apparently had. Kave Catheson is, as an editor, very congenial even in rejection. Made the statement that the story was rejected, most likely, due to space concerns, and in review it is a bit long even after revisions.

Statements were encouraging, that it is a good story both in structure and style, needs little to no revision, and shouldn't be shoved in a deep, dark trunk. So I'll find a market that wants long zombie-centric stories about a trapped, suicidal radio disc jockey, gay intern, and burly sound tech trying to keep the airwaves alive as the world slowly dies.

Now, to update Duotrope!

J.C. Tabler

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I like August

Underground Voices has contacted me about publishing my submission, "Poppa Bear", in their October issue. As if I would say no.

Alright, Dinner time!

J.C. Tabler

Friday, August 8, 2008

A non-writing post (yeah right)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of my Weekend Update. This is comign on the heels of my previous post, an announcement of acceptance. To warn you, this post has nothing to do with writing in the beginning, and only a little at the end.

Today we hit the floor. Yes, I have joined the rank of Corporate Cubicle Cretins, assisting the elderly with their insurance policies. It's official. I have my own desk, a window view of the river, and easy access to the printer/coffee machine. Can life get better?

No, but it CAN get worse. This morning my wife told me she thought her water had broken. Thankfully, it seemed to be a reaction to some food she an my daughter had the night before. I escaped only by my refusal to eat bagged veggies, I believe. Considering she is 8 months along, though, she agreed to call her doctor. The doc had her go to the hospital, and my father was gracious enough to postpone his weekend trip with my mother to Michigan to get her there. This led, as my team and I were strolling down main street for our 2-hour celebration luncheon, to him calling me.

He then erroneously informed me her water had, indeed, broken. What he meant is the octor said that MIGHT be the case. We still have two weeks to go at the least, according to the doc, and that relaxed me. After two hours of sitting at work thinking my wife was in labor.

From that to Sunday when...I found out I need glasses. I'd been getting horrible headaches after squinting all day, trying to read the computer screen at work. My eyes were tired an bloodshot every night. So, while getting my daughter her checkup for school, I got my eyes checked as well. I now wear glasses, and am not happy about it.

Now for the writing mention:

Tomorrow, after mwoing the lawn, I'll be starting on another story for the Dark Jesters anthology.

See, told you it wasn't much.

J.C. Tabler

A Ticket To Ride

"Demon Whiskey" is one of the 31 stories of Halloween to appear in the upcoming Harvest Hill Anthology from Graveside Tales. That is just...just... AWESOME!

Now, since we've covered that and got it out of the way, I feel much better.

Waiting on the rest of them, still.

J.C. Tabler

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quick Turnarounds

Two of my most recent submissions have already been judged on the scales, weighed against a feather:

"Linguistic Prescription" was rejected by Dark Jesters . Although it was "pretty funny", the poor editors are suffering from a common ailment - too many zombie stories floating around. I grieve for this piece, mainly because every rejection has said the same thing...good, interesting, funny, but there are too many zombie stories in the slush piles to make it stand out on its own. I may end up just making a collection of this story's rejection letters.

"Rock A Bye Baby" has been put on the "maybe" pile over at The World Is Dead a scant four days after it was sent. Not a shortlist, but it means the piece is getting some consideration. I'm happy.

Now, to wait for the rest of my long list.

J.C. Tabler

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Four-Legged Editor

I have a little friend now when I write. A few weeks back we were given a stray kitten, and my daughter fell in love with it. Now we have two cats, our Maine Coon, Ambrose, and a little orange tabby kitten named "Capote" for his funny walk and high meow.

Capote, true to his name, has taken to sitting on my lap while I'm writing. He the screen. Then, when revising, he does what every writer wants o do. He falls asleep.

Right now he's doign it again. I don't know how to handle this...

Alright, update

"Poppa Bear" got its rejection from Cause and Effect , and "The Simple Account of Sergeant got a rejection from Allegory .

Other than that, the end of the month wrap up goes like this:

New Stories

There were only two this month, really:

"Rock A Bye Baby" subbed to The World is Dead
"No Deductible" subbed to Malpractice

An extension of "Linguistic Prescription" was done for Dead Jesters

Stories Still Out :

"Dead Air" at Aberrant Dreams
"Colburn Men" at McSweeney's Quarterly
"The Tribe of Harry" at The New Yorker
"Poppa Bear" at Underground Voices
"Linguistic Prescription" at both Postcards from Hell (original flash version) and Dead Jesters (special director's cut)
"Sacrifice of Man and Cloth" at Saint Anne's
"Big Jim Can Wait" and "Winter Wonderland" at Northern Haunts
"No Tell Motel" at OG's Speculative Fiction
"Fragile Obsession" at Ghost in the Machine
"Demon Whiskey" at Harvest Hill
"The Simple Account of Sergeant Shea" at Theaker's
"No Deductible" at Malpractice
"Rock A Bye Baby" at The World Is Dead

Let's hope I get some good responses in the next week or so, eh?

J.C. Tabler