Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Yourself a Sweet Madonna!

I hit the Hat Trick! As of today I have three stories in the Northern Haunts anthology, upcoming from Shroud Press.

"Many Comforting Words" was accepted back in June, and today I got a couple emails informing me both:

"Big Jim Can Wait" was accepted.


"Winter Wonderland" was accepted.

YES! A trifecta for this anthology. Three submissions, three acceptances.

I'm really loving August.

In other news, finally heard back from Aberrant Dreams concerning "Dead Air". The new Horror editor over there was apologetic for the long wait, understandable considering the backlog they apparently had. Kave Catheson is, as an editor, very congenial even in rejection. Made the statement that the story was rejected, most likely, due to space concerns, and in review it is a bit long even after revisions.

Statements were encouraging, that it is a good story both in structure and style, needs little to no revision, and shouldn't be shoved in a deep, dark trunk. So I'll find a market that wants long zombie-centric stories about a trapped, suicidal radio disc jockey, gay intern, and burly sound tech trying to keep the airwaves alive as the world slowly dies.

Now, to update Duotrope!

J.C. Tabler


Natalie L. Sin said...

Ah, duotrope. What would we do without it?

Jeremy said...

Congratulations... I look forward to reading your stories.

Aaron Polson said...

Congrats...hat tricks are sweeeet.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Woot! Woot! And a final, Woot!

Sorry about the late comment JC, I thought I'd already left one...

J.C. Tabler said...

Natalie - I'd probably have a lot more time on my hands for household chores and family if I wasn't constantly checking it...Duotrope, you're tearing my family apart!

Jeremy - Congrats are in order for you as well, sir! See you in the ToC!

Aaron - Yes...yes they most certainly are!

Cate - Don't worry! You've had a lot of big news lately in your own camp, and may I say much more exciting news. Postscripts !

Michael Stone said...

A hat-trick is something to crow about. Well done, JC, you greedy devil!

Michael Stone said...

Well done on the hat-trick, JC. Mediocre writer? I doubt it, somehow.