Friday, August 8, 2008

A non-writing post (yeah right)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of my Weekend Update. This is comign on the heels of my previous post, an announcement of acceptance. To warn you, this post has nothing to do with writing in the beginning, and only a little at the end.

Today we hit the floor. Yes, I have joined the rank of Corporate Cubicle Cretins, assisting the elderly with their insurance policies. It's official. I have my own desk, a window view of the river, and easy access to the printer/coffee machine. Can life get better?

No, but it CAN get worse. This morning my wife told me she thought her water had broken. Thankfully, it seemed to be a reaction to some food she an my daughter had the night before. I escaped only by my refusal to eat bagged veggies, I believe. Considering she is 8 months along, though, she agreed to call her doctor. The doc had her go to the hospital, and my father was gracious enough to postpone his weekend trip with my mother to Michigan to get her there. This led, as my team and I were strolling down main street for our 2-hour celebration luncheon, to him calling me.

He then erroneously informed me her water had, indeed, broken. What he meant is the octor said that MIGHT be the case. We still have two weeks to go at the least, according to the doc, and that relaxed me. After two hours of sitting at work thinking my wife was in labor.

From that to Sunday when...I found out I need glasses. I'd been getting horrible headaches after squinting all day, trying to read the computer screen at work. My eyes were tired an bloodshot every night. So, while getting my daughter her checkup for school, I got my eyes checked as well. I now wear glasses, and am not happy about it.

Now for the writing mention:

Tomorrow, after mwoing the lawn, I'll be starting on another story for the Dark Jesters anthology.

See, told you it wasn't much.

J.C. Tabler


Jeremy said...

Sounds like a helluva day. That 8-9 month mark is no joke, my friend.

As for Dark Jesters, I'm trying to throw something together as well, although according to close sources my humour is rather dry and tasteless.

For instance, tonight over dinner, I read my wife an excerpt where a mother finds her infant chewing on a squirrel. My wife says, "do you seriously find that kind've shit funny?" I shrugged my shoulders, ate another taco.

Kelly is the last name, by the way, and thanks in advance for a link. i need to do the same soon!

J.C. Tabler said...

No prob on the link. Us "up and coming" guys gotta hang together.

My wife, fortunately, is (was) a rather macabre artist with a penchant for morbid/horror films, as well as being an independent, low-grade filmmaker. So my morbid humor in everything written goes over well with her.

Natalie L. Sin said...

You parents and your wacky shennnigans!

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ooh, exciting times. Good luck to you and your wife. :)

I'm supposed to wear glasses for distance but ha! I laugh at opticians. Fools. I swear my eyesight is improving, I mean sometimes I can see my hand in front of my face. :)