Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Productive Day

Went to the doctor yesterday to make sure my wife isn't going to fall apart. She's healthy, babies are healthy, however I stepped on the scale and was amazed at how much those little numbers kept going up. I'm going to act like an overly-dramatic southern belle instead of the stubble-strewn, bourbon drinking man that I am and refuse to say my exact weight. What it is suffice to say, though, is that I am closer to 300 lbs than 200 lbs, and am now in shock that I let myself go to that extent. Gym membership here I come, and I might even actually use it.

As for other things, I still haven't heard back about the Contract Load job. I have another phone interview (man I hate those things) today for a "Customer Service" slot that I don't especially think will have me jumping for joy, but it'd be a job. I sat down after getting home yesterday and started typing on a niggle of an idea on what that previously posted picture could be. I'm now roughly 5,000 words into the rough draft, and am still working towards a conclusion. Sure, it'll get trimmed in revision, but c'mon, 5,000 words in one day with only an hour's break to watch Jerry Springer in between? That ain't too bad.

Still waiting to hear from Voices on whether my triumph ends on the short list. Like I said, I'm happy just to be nominated.

Back to work,

J.C. Tabler


Catherine J Gardner said...

5,000 words - woo-hoo! It seems like forever since I got down any decent wordage in one sitting.

J.C. Tabler said...

It was kinda one of those sessions where the story started coming together. I was unsure of where it was going until I started on it. Of course, I'm quick with the rough. It's those other drafts that get me.