Monday, May 12, 2008

It went askew

Started working on a possible submission for the Age of Blood and Snow (is that right?) anthology. About two pages in, I realized it wasn't going to end up dark enough for them, but I still like the idea. This story is getting finished.

This, however, is one my mother and nobody at my church can ever read...I think they'd refer to it as heresy.

More later, heading to the office now.

J.C. Tabler


Catherine J Gardner said...

I have a story on hold with 'The Age of Blood and Snow' and I'm hoping mine is dark enough.

I had to rewrite it slightly as the editor wanted an actual mythology attached to it (so that he knew both the country and time period) and I'd been pretty vague (read that as cheating).

I'd say give them a go with it - he seems to reply really quickly and, besides, as the closing date is looming, you should hear back by mid June. If it's not dark enough no harm done.

Barry Napier said...

My story got rejected from this anthology. Which sucks because I REALLT dug the ending. And now I can't find anywhere that is looking for anything so deep in Norse mythology. My little Lovecraftian reference in the story probably threw them off...

Anyway, best of luck.

J.C. Tabler said...

Cate- It's more a thought that it might not be what he's looking for. I'll have the first draft finished by the end of the week, at lesat, and we're going out of town this weekend to visit in-laws, so my revisions should be done by Monday. I'll send it out to him, but I doubt it'll hit the spot.

Barry- Keep looking around! I can think of at least a couple publications that don't mind stories with mythological backgrounds...and worse come sto worse, some of the fantasy publications like to see some stuff set in the "real world" past instead of the planet of Azzkabin.