Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Age of Blood and Snow

Well, I did the revision on "The Parable of Judas" this morning and submitted it to The Age of Blood and Snow. Changed the title to "Sacrifice of Man and Cloth", taken out of one of the gospels I don't believe in that I read after finding out I was mirroring a concept with a couple religions. I don't think the story itself is what they're looking for, but with that deadline coming up fast I figured it couldn't hurt to submit and get a little criticism back.

Tonight I'm going to start on the idea I have brewing for The Black Garden. That is, if I can get a few hours to myself to type in. I like where the story idea is going, especially with the little girl character that's influenced by my stepdaughter. The problem is going to be getting a few minutes alone to type on the sucker after setting up a bed and cooking dinner.

Well, looks like I'm off to update Duotrope.


J.C. Tabler


Catherine J Gardner said...

Both are good titles. I wonder if the replies will come in quickly (as they did with Voices) - fingers crossed.

Mark Deniz said...

Good luck with that and thanks for putting the link up there, much appreciated!

Barry Napier said...

Good luck with the Age of Blood and Snow sub. Also, I hope you have as much fun with your The Black Garden story as I did. My story, "The Lunatic Mile" turned out to be one of the darkest, oddest things I've ever written.

J.C. Tabler said...

Cate - I liked "Sacrifice of Man and Cloth" much better...didn't give as much away.

Mr. Deniz - No problem! Hey, the more anhtologies you guys put out, the better it is for guys like me in general!

Barry - I think I'll really enjoy this story, once I start on it, which should be this weekend now with all the stuff going on. This "until filled" anthologies always seem like a race to me, and I was never the fastest runner in school, so I wonder if it'll turn out any good.