Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Update, with J.C. Tabler

Week one of the job over. Last night was my sister's wedding. Sitting down today to start outlining an idea or two.

Here's the thing: writing is, unfortunately, taking a back seat until I get this house in order and settle into my job. Let's call it a month long hiatus. Instead of coming up with new stuff, I'm spending weekends in June and most of July re-working old pieces that I didn't like after the first draft. Some of them have a lot of promise when read later, others (I was surprised to find) are almost complete stories that I just got distracted from by something else. So, I hereby name Mid-June to Mid-July "CRAP PILE MONTH"

Got a rejection back from Unspeakable Horrors the other day, with good criticism in it, which was nice. I don't think I'll rework that story. Reading back over it, I saw it was written for one anthology, and probably wouldn't fit anywhere else. So, there we go.

Now, to take a bath, get my tux back to the rental store, and come home to figure out dinner before doing some more revisions.

BTW, congrats to Cate Gardner.

She's been having a spectacular 2008 so far, with acceptances into some very, very good areas, most recently with SAND. If you haven't read her work yet, hop to it. We're gonna see a lot more form her.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Good luck with CRAP PILE MONTH - I could probably turn 2009 into Crap Pile Year.

Oh, and the dollars are in the mail. ;)

Barry Napier said...

The best part of this entire post is the fact that you have CRAP MONTH listed as a tag. Good stuff.