Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heading out of character

It is very rare that I write anything without an eye on markets it could go in, but the Mythos piece was one of those. Of course, after finishing the first round of revisions, I find it nearly impossible to place it with any market. The narrative, the perspective, the light-hearted approach, and the short length seem to set it firmly outside of the boundaries established by most publications normally interested in Mythos sort of work. Instead, I have decided to do something else with it, and after final revisions will make a gift of it to a friend of mine who has a love of all things Lovecraft, as well as a strange sense of humor.

Knowing this, I decided concise titlings can go to hell. I have decided to name it:
"The Simple Account of Sergeant Shea, Immediately Prior to the End of the World."

So there. After revisions, I may just make it generally available to anyone who wants a chuckle of some sort, either at me or at the piece itself.


J.C. Tabler


Catherine J Gardner said...

Lucky friend...

Barry Napier said...

Dude, the title alone would have me reading it right away. It reminds me a bit of "Good Omens". I love quirky titles.

(Of course, the story I wrote a few years back titled "When the Dogs All Run Away, Your Teeth Will Fall Out" still sits alone and dusty on my shelf).

J.C. Tabler said...

Cate- Well, one day, after striking it rich, I'll buy the man a Cadillac. Until then, he gets a story.

Barry - I normally like concise titles, short things that are two-three words. This one...well, if I'm not gonna try to sell it, I'm writing the title I want, damn it!