Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Puppy Pee and the Howlings

Brought Hemingway home last night....our puppy, not the rotting corpse of the famous writer. Though if you get me a shovel, I'm sure I could dig up a conversation piece.

He's a sweet guy, can't stand to be alone for more than a few minutes and terrified of going outdoors. So we're starting off with paper training, moving on to the outside stuff a little later. Right now, neither is going that well. I need to tell our landlord about him today or tomorrow, then pay the deposit on Friday.

Other than that, not much has happened this month. Finished the Harvest Hill submission, then sat down after editing and sending that off to work on a submission for the Voices anthology. Got around 3,000 words done on the first draft in one day, took yesterday off, and will be getting back to the grindstone on it tonight when I get home. I like this one, mainly because it allows me to use my knowledge of scummy hotel rooms.

Still waiting on those rejections, but I'm a lil pissed. Seemed "someone" signed me up for some "free promotional offers", so now I get a ton of spam every hour, on the hour. Luckily the spam filter catches most of it, but I still have to scan the titles to make sure it isn't catching anything that's non spam.

J.C. Tabler

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Catherine J Gardner said...

LOL! Fabulous opening to your post.

Congrats on finishing your submission for the Harvest Hill anthology - I'm back to starting from scratch as my first attempt went a little off-the-wall. Seems we're going for the same places - I submitted my story to Voices about a month ago. They both look to be great anthologies.

Good luck