Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's been a bit

Let's see, we got ourselves snowed in today. That's the big news. I'm also about to brave the winter cold to run for cigarettes. I am out of smokes.

Now, on to the other stuff. Started a story the other week about a Prohibition agent in 1924 who has, at the end of the story, a supernatural encounter that changes everything for him. This was written in a week, finished today, and edited a couple hours later. I then turned around and submitted it to Harvest Hill Anthology by Graveside Tales. So we start waiting on the rejections.

Speaking of rejections, I got another one for "A Dream of England" from the second volume of the Eclipse Anthology. Not a big deal, they take extremely good work, and this story just isn't it. I'm going to shelf it for a bit, then do another major rewrite on the story to see if I can fix whatever problems there are with it.

Got a rejection for a short piece submitted to Lone Star Stories, though the rejection letter was extremely nice and personal.

Still haven't heard back from Aberrant Dreams for "Dead Air", McSweeneys for a story whose name stays under my hat for the moment until the rejection comes back, Allegory for that short (very short) ghost story I was working on, or Modern Drunkard for "The Tribe of Harry". Among those four, the only one I never expect to hear from is the last, as their staff, for some reason, refuses to send out rejection letters.

I've got another story I'm working on, which I'm referring to as "Sci Fi Molly" for the moment until I finish it, edit it, and stick a title on it.

Till next time,
J.C. Tabler

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