Sunday, January 27, 2008

Waiting on my dinner

Well, here I am sitting in my parent's basement waiting for my mother to finish cooking dinner. Desi had to work tonight, and I'm basically helpless when left to provide food for myself. So I decided to come over and prevent starvation by mumping a meal or two off of my parents.

For the record, that is my new word. "Mumping". I like it.

I finished up the first rewrite of "Colburn Men" the other night and printed up the copies needed for the necessary workshopping. In addition, I sent it off to the first "big game" market so I can get my rejection in hand before I start round two of rewrites on it. I figure it never hurts to hand things out and get the rejection back.

I've also started work on a story whose working title is "Creepy Doll". That will definitely change. More literary fiction, though after I finish the first draft of it I plan on going back to Speculative Fiction. I've got the basics of the ghost story tumbling around, so I want to get to it soon before it wears off. The Doll Story will be wrapped up by mid-February most likely, as I find more time to work on it.

Everything on the home front is still great. Desi and I had friends over last night for whine and pizza, then drank a bit of cheap whiskey before going to bed.

I am, of course, still waiting on the rejections for the King Arthur Story and "Dead Air" to come in. This will be the second rejection for Dead Air when I finally get it, though I may not get it for several months according to this market's turnaround time.

That's about the long and short of it for today. I've got to reread a couple stories I'm supposed to be critiqueing, then I need to watch all of season one of Dexter in two days.

Peace, my folks.

-J.C. Tabler

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