Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Story Finished

I should mention that I don't really proof blog entries, especially after writing half the night or while sitting on the couch with a cigarette and a nice big glass of bourbon.

Alright, the Colburn story is done. I gave it the title "Colburn Men" just cause it seemed to fit, plus, as stated before, I suck at coming up with titles at all. The title, like most of it, will change with the first rewrite. Before the rewrite, though, I'm going to hand it over to my father. He remains the best editor I've ever had when I write a story that is appropriate for him to read.

The reason is if my father actually finishes the story, it has merit. Dad doesn't read for fun. He reads for work. Even when he does read for leisure, it's normally a historical novel concerning the Civil War. For him to actually read through an entire fiction piece requires a story he enjoys. He's my sounding board.

On top of that, years of careful proofing of his legal briefs has resulted in an amazing eye for grammar and "clunky" sentences. Where I might miss a grammar error on my own simply because I'm tired, bored, disinterested, or being set upon on all sides by animals, he doesn't.

Finally, if he shows it to his business partner, I've got something worth sending off.

Still, even if this story never sees the light of day, I personally enjoyed writing it. I found it to be a little emotional and a little funny, as well as being more than a tad moral. The last one I could do without, but the other two...let's say that this started as being something I was writing to sell, and ended up being something I wrote for myself.

Take'er Easy,

J.C. Tabler

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Ford Smith said...

I am proud to call you one of my students. Thanks for remembering me. You and students like you are why I teach.
Ford Smith