Friday, December 19, 2008

One Day Late, But A Dollar More

A belated Birthday gift...

Sand has accepted "Crib Death", a 716 word piece, for inclusion in Issue #3, due out in February of 2009.

I'm happy. More later.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I have to get a subscription to that mag. They get some quality writers in there. :)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Congratulations, JC.

Anonymous said...

JC -

Hello there!

I'm trying to put together a new feature in Allegory. As of this coming issue (January 1, 2008), I'd like to begin offering past issues for download as PDF files. I plan to ask for $2 for each download, just as a way to partially offset the increasing costs of running this site.

Since the contract each of you signed allows for story archival but not implicitly for publication of said archives, I'm asking if you would be willing to give me permission via e-mail. Unfortunately, the email I have from when we did business is not longer valid. So ... if you could simply send an email to me at with a "YES" in the subject line, that will do it.

If you reply "NO", or don't reply at all between now and Wednesday, I'll assume you don't want to be included in this new program at this time, and will either not include your story in the archived issue or remove the entire archived issue from those being presented. That last part's at my discretion.

So fellow writers, are you willing to participate with this new chapter in Allegory future (and past, I suppose)?

Please let me know as soon as you can! :-)

- Ty Drago
- Editor