Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still Alive

Sorry, can't do a longer update. Involved in a job hunt, only getting offered sales work right now. In addition, I've got about six submissions out, got a couple rejections back, and am currently working on a first draft for the upcoming Dark Scribe Press anthology. Getting ready to pop in The Stand and go to bed, simply because I have to be up early tomorrow to get a couple of critiques done for Griner's workshop, then read three months worth of pre-Civil War periodicals for story research on another piece that flashed through my mind. I might end up taking the laptop in with me tomorrow to get a little more writing done than I already have on this anthology submission.

Not much more other than that. I'm going to try to do a longer, more in depth update tomorrow, but if I don't I'll have something up on here by the weekend that goes more in depth with how everything is. Make certain to read "A Question of Freedom" at Allegory Ezine. The story goes offline at the end of this month, and Lord only knows when I'll get a piece up anywhere again at the rate things are going.


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