Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here we go

Yes, here we go. Another day, another dollar. That is, if you believe a dollar to include sitting shirtless on the couch while watching childrens' saturday morning television. I spent half the morning with a Dust Buster in hand, trying to get the house in shape for when my fiancee arrives home. Considering that the majority of the time she's been gone has been spent trying to get a couple stories further along that I put on the backburner at the beginning of November, that basically means I haven't done much of anything in the way of cleaning since she left. I admit it, I am an unforgivable slob when it comes to housekeeping.

So why should I make a blog? I had one years ago where I thoroughly embarrassed myself by posting things under an alias that got discovered and revealed some rather unflattering things I had written while sure that there was nobody who actually read a thing I did. Well, the main reason is that, although I hate technology with every single bone in my body and consider myself lucky to know how tooperate the microwave, I have latched on to the importance of this "viral marketing" crap. So here we go with a view into my not-so-twisted and completely unimportant life.

I, first off, am a writer. I'm not a particularly good writer, and call myself a hack. The extent of my published portfolio includes a piece I wrote for the KHSAA coaching magazine back in high school about the emotions of a graduating football player as concerns leaving his team. There are a few freelance articles out there somewhere with my name or one of my early pen names on them, although they didn't pay much and that pursuit was shoved to the side when I decided to go back to college. Also, and I'm not going into depth here, there was a time period I wrote porn stories in order to make the utility payments. I'm not proud of that time, even if it does make a good bar story.

Porn, and I say this knowing full well that there is a term called erotica, has a formula to it. My formula was A meets B, and proceeds to do C,D, and/or E if legal in most of the 50 states. "A" could be anything from a naughty schoolgirl to a sweaty football player, with "B" being anything from the uptight English teacher to the neighbor's unattended horse. Yes, there was some twisted stuff back in those stories, but the fact is they produced a very small payment that kept my power on and kept me swinning in Cheetos and Woodchuck for a little while longer than I should have.

Now I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma. See, I sold my first true fiction piece to Allegory Ezine. The piece, entitled "A Question of Freedom" was the result of several years of thinking and a niggling idea that is still developing into what I hope will be a much longer story that explains that world a little better. Ever since that sale, I've really started banging away again, some of it crap and some of it good, but what the hell. By the way, it should be up on that site on January 1, 2008.

I better run and shower, then go pick up my woman at the airport. She may be shorter than five-second fuse, but she will undoubtedly kill me if I make her wait any longer at the airport than is absolutely necessary.

I guess next time I'll talk a little bit about "A Question of Freedom". I'll try to hold off on posting until after the story has been up, though.

And, to be honest, I'm not going anywhere.

Be fruits and don't multiply,
J.C. Tabler

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